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LASER is an acronym that stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. Commonly the term “LASER” refers to the device that emits the light. This light is special and unique because it is coherent, monochromatic, and collimated. All the light emitted from a LASER is of the same wavelength so it is exactly the same color, or monochromatic, as opposed to the light emitted from a broad-spectrum bulb or tube. The emitted photons (light) of a LASER device all proceed along their wavelengths “in step” and have a phase relationship with each other. This is the coherence of a LASER, again very different from light from all other sources. The collimation of a LASER is more commonly recognized. Simply put, the beam of a LASER does not diverge; it remains the same diameter regardless of the distance the beam travels. Any light emitting device that does not have all three of these characteristics is not a LASER, regardless of how it is marketed.

LASER devices have been used therapeutically for decades, however as technology improves, and the devices become more powerful, more uses and more effective treatment protocols are discovered. Therapeutic LASER devices operate at certain wavelengths that have been shown to optimize patient outcomes, and the devices are considered “low-level” because they do not cut or destroy tissue. LASER treatments energize the mitochondria of patient’s cells, speeding up the healing process of damaged tissue. This enhanced rate of tissue repair last approximately 72 hours post-treatment, however, the repaired tissue is permanently repaired. LASER treatments also increase circulation in the treated area which immediately reduces pain and inflammation.

At Stabilized Chiropractic in San Rafael, we use a 15w Class IV LightForce FX. This state of the art LASER is a “hot” LASER and is, therefore, an attended therapy, though the patient will only feel gentle, soothing warmth during the treatment. These attended types of LASER are a little more work for us; however, they provide the best outcomes for our patients, which is our #1 priority. We primarily use the LightForce LASER for soft-tissue conditions and utilize our PiezoWave shockwave machine for our patients with joint issues. Although many inflammatory conditions like arthritis or plantar fasciitis will benefit from both treatment modalities.

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