Neck pain can be caused by a myriad of reasons, and often times it requires a medical professional performing a detailed physical examination to differentiate between them. Neck pain can be due to muscle strains, sprains of the joints in the spine, referred pain from visceral organs, nerve root compression, peripheral nerve compression, muscular tension, muscular imbalance, and inflammation among other reasons. Neck conditions can also cause a variety of symptoms to present such as headaches, tinnitus or nausea.

Equally as diverse as the causes of neck pain, are the “solutions” that may be suggested by friends or family, or can be found in internet searches. None of these solutions are universal, and a proper diagnosis is essential to finding the correct treatment protocol. At Stabilized Chiropractic, every new patient undergoes a thorough evaluation prior to any care being administered, so that we ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. Each patient is also empowered to better understand the underlying cause of their complaint, and given advice on how to avoid risky behaviors. Patients that suffer from neck pain will receive Chiropractic Adjustments, LASER Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Cryotherapy, Stretches, Exercises, Massage, Postural Corrections, as well as Nutritional and Dietary Advice during their in office appointments. These patients will also be given a regimen for at home care based on their individual needs that will expedite their healing process, and give them the tools to permanently improve their situation.